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UTMStack Integrations

UTMStack comes out of the box with a wide range of built-in integrations for most mainstream technologies. Enabling an integration allows UTMStack to correlate logs coming from the corresponding data source on your network and detecting threats reliably. Each specific integration has its own guide. Our team is always working on a new integration, but here is the list of what we have developed so far:

No. Name  
1 VMWare Syslog VMWare
2 Windows Agent Windows Agent
3 Syslog Syslog
4 Linux Agent Linux Agent
6 ESET Endpoint Protection ESET Endpoint Protection
7 Kaspersky Security Kaspersky Security
8 Bitdefender Bitdefender
9 Traefik Traefik
10 Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
11 AWS Cloudwatch AWS Cloudwatch
12 Office365 Office365
13 Azure Azure
14 Logstash Logstash
15 MongoDB MongoDB
17 Redis Redis
18 Kafka Kafka
19 Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
20 PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
21 Kibana Kibana
22 Cisco Switch Cisco Switch
23 Cisco ASA Cisco ASA
24 Cisco Meraki Cisco Meraki
25 FortiGate FortiGate
26 Sophos XG Sophos XG
27 Fire Power Fire Power
28 MikroTik MikroTik
29 Palo Alto Palo Alto
30 SonicWall SonicWall
31 GitHub GitHub
32 Nats Nats
33 Json Input Json Input
34 MacOS MacOS
35 OsQuery OsQuery
36 Linux Auditing Demon Linux Auditing Demon
37 Deceptive Bytes Deceptive Bytes
38 High Availability Proxy High Availability Proxy
39 File Classification File Classification
40 Apache Apache
41 Internet Information Services Internet Information Services
42 Nginx Nginx
43 Sophos Central Sophos Central
44 SentinelOne Endpoint Security SentinelOne Endpoint Security