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UTMStack Interface

UTMStack® is a Unified Threat Management Platform that delivers all essential security services. It includes Log Management (SIEM), Threat Detection and Response, Real-time Correlation, Reporting, Compliance Reporting, Cloud Monitoring, SaaS Monitoring (Office 365, Google Coud), Vulnerability Management (provided as a standalone application), network/host IDS/IPS, Endpoint Protection Integration, Identity Activity Management (tracks user activity), Automated and On-demand Incident Response, Forensics Analysis (through Log Exploring), Artificial Intelligence Security Operations Center Analyst (provided through integration with OpenAI), File Classification and Tracking, and Threat Intelligence. UTMStack is designed for hybrid environments and can be easily deployed across on-premises and cloud providers.

Simpler and Cost-Effective

UTMStack bundles several cybersecurity products under a single platform. This approach makesthe solution cost-effective and simpler. It reduces the learning curve for security professionals and the costs of buying different tools from multiple vendors. Having all the data in a single place increases the effectiveness of correlation engines and machine learning algorithms. The platform also includes a powerful dashboard and report builder that can be used to personalize your monitoring experience or for advanced compliance auditing and reporting.

Threat Intelligence

  • Spam, malware, botnets,service abuse IP related.
  • Denial ofservice and Brute force attack and scanner IPs.

Log Management (SIEM)

  • Log collection and correlation in real-time.
  • Log management.
  • Dashboard and Report Builder.
  • Log and event explorer for forensic analysis.

Compliance management

  • HIPAA, GLBA, SOC 2, GPDR, FISMA, CMMC, and PCI-DSS Compliance reports.
  • Compliance status dashboards.
  • Custom compliance reports builder.

Incident response and Endpoint Protection

  • Automated and On-demand Host lockdown, IP block, and remote-control console.
  • Antivirus Integration.

Network and Host Intrusion detection

  • Rule-based Network Intrusion Detection.
  • Rule-based and heuristic analysis-based Host Intrusion detection System with ATP capabilities.
  • Network traffic, protocol, and DNS analysis.

User Auditor

  • User Activity monitoring.
  • Suspicious activity monitoring.

File Classification

  • File Changes and access Tracking.
  • Activity monitoring.
  • File Integrity monitoring.


Compliance with the latest regulations often requires generating reports for internal use and auditors. UTMStack simplifies compliance management by combining essential security tools into a single database and providing several built-in reports and interactive dashboards. It is reinforced by an event and logs explorer for advanced analysis and a report/dashboard builder that helps visualize and display data.

Threat Detection Technology

UTMStack threat detection engine comprises several rule-based correlation systems, scanners, and AIpowered machine learning algorithms. Modules operate independently, and sometimes theirfunctionalities overlap and interact to generate a holistic analysis of events.

Heuristic and Rule-based analysis engine

  • UTMStack leverages powerful correlation engines for a total of 154 000 detection rules. They aggregate, correlate, and analyze log data, network traffic, and system internal activity generated by on-premises and cloud devices or SaaS.

Machine Learning Anomaly-based engine

  • Analyzes the environment and defines custom rules and baselines. This learning mechanism allowsthe system to learn from the environment and gain the ability to identify abnormal and threatening behavior.

Threat Intelligence Database correlation

  • Analyses all available security IP feeds, mainly related to online attacks, online service abuse, malware, botnets, command and controlservers, and other cybercrime activities.

Advanced-Data Visualization and Reporting

Not all environments are the same, and every organization has unique use cases that might customs dashboards and reports. While traditional SIEM solutions usually come with a fixed set of pre-created dashboards and reports intended to fit most clients’ most common compliance needs, this is usually not enough. UTMStack dashboards and reports can be created, modified, and deleted without writing a single line of code. The entire solution has been built on a proprietary data visualization and analysis engine that provides the flexibility to build the entire stack from the ground by any advanced user.

Investigate Suspicious Activities

  • Aggregate and summarize sets of data.
  • Filter, track, and export log data.
  • Perform forensic analysis.

Audit and compliance support

  • Generate custom reportsfor audits or compliance checks and assessments.
  • Create compliance dashboards for continuous monitoring.
  • Leverage existing reports for HIPAA, GLBA, GPDR, and SOC compliance.

Monitor and analyze security data

  • Build customized dashboards or use existing ones.
  • Explore systems data in nearreal-time and respond to incidents.

Reduce downtime

  • Create up-time reports.
  • Review proactive alerts for mis configurations or mis configured systems.
  • Monitor and analyze devices performance and resources utilization.


UTMStack monitors the following systems and platforms. Integrations can be configured inside the system panel and do not require custom coding or complicated configurations.

  • Azure and AWS
  • Hypervisors(KVM, HyperV, VMWare, etc.)
  • Physical Infrastructure datacenter
  • Software like SharePoint and SQL Server
  • Windows and Linux servers and endpoints
  • PaaS and SaaS applications like Office365
  • Proprietary devices like CISCO and Sophos
  • Container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker)

For additional questions, please send an email to support@utmstack.com or start a contact request from our website: https://utmstack.com