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UTMStack: Next-Generation SIEM and Compliance Platform

Welcome to the UTMStack documentation, your comprehensive guide to our powerful cybersecurity platform. UTMStack® is a Unified Threat Management Platform specifically designed for hybrid environments, making it easy to deploy across both on-premises and cloud providers. Designed with the most advanced cybersecurity technology, it offers an extensive array of essential cybersecurity solutions. Our platform offers a wide range of modular services, including compliance management, log management, vulnerability management, identity management, threat management, and asset management. This documentation will walk you through the platform’s key features, installation requirements, configuration steps, and best practices, enabling you to maximize the security and efficiency of your organization.

As a testament to its adaptability and integration potential, UTMStack seamlessly integrates with the world’s leading cloud providers, including Azure and Google Cloud. This high-level compatibility offers increased flexibility and ensures that users can manage their cybersecurity regardless of their infrastructure setup.

Overview of our Solution

Powerful Capabilities for Enhanced Security

UTMStack® incorporates a proprietary correlation engine that enables real-time threat detection and response. By analyzing data during ingestion, our platform minimizes detection and response times, allowing you to take swift action against emerging threats. Fine-tuning the system with customizable false positive conditions and tags helps reduce alert fatigue. With a vast collection of over 30 billion Indicators of Compromise (IOC) elements, UTMStack® leverages live threat intelligence platforms and advanced correlation rules to ensure highly effective detection.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Designed for hybrid environments, UTMStack® can be easily deployed across on-premises and cloud providers. Our platform integrates seamlessly with various technologies, including cloud services, network devices, and more. Leveraging APIs, Syslog, Netflow, or Agents, you can connect UTMStack® to your existing infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive visibility and streamlined security management.

Threat Intelligence Integration

UTMStack® provides a 24/7 Security Operations Center powered by AI and Threat Intelligence, streamlining alert investigations, automating classification, reducing analyst workload, and enabling real-time threat detection with a proprietary correlation engine.

We believe that these capabilities will greatly enhance the security posture and operational efficiency of your organization.

Key Features and Modules

Log Management (SIEM)

UTMStack’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) module allows you to collect, store, and correlate log data from various sources. By leveraging this information, you can generate compliance reports and gain valuable insights into security incidents.

Access Rights Auditor

Track and manage account access and permission changes within your organization. UTMStack’s Access Rights Auditor module helps you monitor user activities and sends alerts in the event of suspicious behavior.

Incident Response

Handle security incidents efficiently with UTMStack’s Incident Response module. You can remotely manage your environment and respond to attacks directly from the centralized dashboard, ensuring swift and effective incident resolution.

Endpoint Protection

Protect your endpoints and servers with UTMStack’s Advanced Threat Protection. Our platform provides robust security measures to safeguard your critical assets against advanced threats.


Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards such as GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, SOC, and ISO. UTMStack provides compliance reports and dashboards to help you demonstrate adherence to these requirements.

File Tracker

Maintain control over sensitive information with UTMStack’s File Tracker. This module enables you to track changes and access to classified data, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Our Commitment

At UTMStack, we are committed to democratizing enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions. We believe that cybersecurity should not be a luxury accessible only to large organizations. Our mission is to provide competitive pricing and make top-notch cybersecurity services accessible to companies of all sizes. By doing so, we aim to significantly reduce the number of small businesses that face financial ruin following a data breach or cyber attack.

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