Incident Management Module

The Incident Management Module stands as a vital component of UTMStack, meticulously designed to address and manage any incidents surfacing within your organization’s digital domain. This module bifurcates into two primary sections: Incident Management and Incident Response.

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In the Incident Management segment, you’re equipped with tools to manage, track, and effectively resolve incidents identified within your organizational framework. This section is not just about managing individual incidents. You can cluster a set of alerts to form an incident or even append new alerts to pre-existing incidents. This holistic approach ensures that your security teams efficiently navigate the incident lifecycle, stretching from the initial detection, effective classification, right up to its conclusive resolution.

Incident Response Automation

Bolster your incident response strategy with the Incident Response Automation feature. This capability allows your organization to deploy automated actions conditioned on specific triggers present in incident fields. Harnessing this automation not only elevates the pace but also boosts the precision and uniformity of your incident response mechanism. It strategically offloads mundane tasks, allowing your team to channel their focus on mission-critical activities, thus curtailing the adverse aftermath of security breaches.

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