Goal Chart

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A Goal chart is a visualization tool used to represent progress towards a specific target or goal. It’s a powerful way to show progress and motivate performance. UTMStack offers a Goal chart with customizable options to suit your specific requirements.

Here are the options that you can configure while creating a Goal chart:

  • Color: You can select the color of the goal chart.
  • Goal Type: Choose the type of Goal chart. You have the option to choose ‘semi’,’arch’ or ‘full’.
  • LineBar style: Choose the style for the LineBar in the Goal chart. You can select ‘round’ or ‘butt’.
  • Min: This is the starting point or minimum value of your goal.
  • Goal: This is the target or the goal you aim to reach.
  • LineBar width: Adjust the width of the LineBar.
  • Formatter: This option allows you to choose how the value is represented. If you want the value to be represented as a percentage, you can select ‘%’.
  • Animate on load?: This option allows you to decide if you want the chart to animate when it loads.
  • Decimal: Adjust the number of decimal places you want to display in your Goal chart.

dashobard view

These options offer a high degree of flexibility and can be adjusted to create a Goal chart that aligns with your specific needs.