Quick Start Guide

Getting started with UTMStack is straightforward. Follow this 3-step process:

  1. Installation: Deploy UTMStack on your Master Server.
  2. Initial Configuration: Set up essential settings, including SSL and email configurations.
  3. DataSource Setup: Configure a Windows Agent as a data source.

1. Install UTMStack

Before you begin, ensure your system meets the minimum requirements: 4 cores, 12 GB of RAM, and 150 GB of disk storage to monitor up to 50 devices.

Deploy the UTMStack Master Server, which oversees security operations and data collection.


Use the UTMStack installer for Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS.

  • Download and Prepare:
      sudo apt update
      sudo apt install wget
      wget http://github.com/utmstack/UTMStack/releases/latest/download/installer
      sudo su
      chmod +x installer
  • Install:

Configure Firewall and Ports:

Ensure the following ports are correctly configured on your firewall for UTM Stack access:

  • 22/TCP: Secure Shell (Restrict to admin workstation).
  • 80/TCP: Web-based GUI Redirector (Restrict to admin and security analyst workstations).
  • 443/TCP: Web-based GUI (Restrict to admin and security analyst workstations).
  • 9090/TCP: Cockpit Web-based Interface (Restrict to admin workstation).

If you haven’t manually installed an SSL certificate, use Certbot to generate one for your domain. This ensures encrypted connections for your users.

Follow the provided guide: Generate SSL with Certbot.

2. Initial Configuration

Post installation, the first time you get access to UTMStack, its going to be required that enter the old password and establish the new one.The default username is admin. Your initial password and other configurations can be found in /root/utmstack.yml.

After that you need to configure the email setting

Email Configuration

  1. Access Email Settings:
    • Navigate to Settings > Email Configuration within the UTMStack platform.
  2. SMTP Setup:
    • Mail Server Password: The password for your email server to authenticate and send out notifications.
  • UTMStack email address: The official UTMStack email address that will be used to send out notifications.

  • UTMStack base url: This refers to the primary URL or address through which all users and systems interact with the UTMStack platform. For example: https://UTMStack.UTMStack.com.

  • Mail Server Host: For example: example.hostmail.com.

  • Mail Server Port: Typically, the port can be 587.

  • Mail Server Username: The username for your email server.

  • Encryption type: Choose the encryption protocol for your email server. Options include:

    • TLS
    • SSL
    • NONE

Refer to the Email Configuration Section for a detailed walkthrough.

3. Configure a Windows Agent DataSource

Add a Windows agent to forward logs and data to UTMStack.


1. Pre-installation Requirements:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the system runs on Windows Server version 2016 R2 or later.
  • Network: Ensure ports 9000 and 50051 are open.

2. Installation Steps:

  1. Go to Integrations and select Windows Agent.
  2. Open a Windows PowerShell terminal with “Administrator” privileges and execute the provided command from the instructions.