UTMStack offers a comprehensive configuration module where administrators can adjust various settings to customize the application according to their organizational preferences. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Email Notifications

Configure the email settings to send emails notifications for the alerts and incidents:

  • Mail Server Password: The password for your email server to authenticate and send out notifications.

  • UTMStack email address: The official UTMStack email address that will be used to send out notifications.

  • UTMStack base url: For example:

  • Mail Server Host: For example:

  • Mail Server Port: Typically, the port can be 587.

  • Mail Server Username: The username for your email server.

  • Encryption type: Choose the encryption protocol for your email server. Options include:

    • TLS
    • SSL
    • NONE

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is a security mechanism where users must provide two separate verification methods to access an account or application. This feature enhances the application’s security:

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication: Toggle this option to enable or disable 2FA for user access.

Alerts Configuration

Define settings for alert and incident notifications:

  • Emails to notify incidents: List down the email addresses that should receive incident notifications.

  • Emails to notify alerts: Specify the email addresses that should receive alert notifications.

Date Settings

Set your default time zone and date format preferences:

  • Time Zone: Choose the time zone in which you want to view the logs. By default, logs are stored in UTC.

  • Date Format: Choose your preferred date format, such as Medium.