Menu Management

This section allows administrators to manage the navigation menus within the application. Users can add, modify, or delete menu items as needed to customize the navigation of the application.

Creating a New Menu

To add a new menu to the application, use the ‘Create menu’ dialog, which allows for the specification of the menu’s properties and permissions.

Steps to Create a Menu

  1. Click the Add menu button to open the ‘Create menu’ dialog.
  2. Enter a name for the menu in the ‘Menu name’ field.
  3. Toggle Is this menu active? to specify if the menu should be active immediately upon creation.
  4. Toggle Is this menu a container? if the menu will contain other submenu items.
  5. (Optional) Choose an icon for the menu by clicking on ‘Choose menu icon’.
  6. Set the ‘Authorities’ by selecting the roles that should have access to this menu. Options include ROLE_ADMIN, ROLE_USER, etc.
  7. Click the Save menu button to create the menu.

Note: Make sure to save your changes after adding or editing menu items to ensure they are applied to the application.