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How to create filters in data parsing?

Data Parsing

UTMStack allows you to customize filters in data parsing: Click on the hamburger positioned in...

Settings Modules

UTMStack Settings

To access Settings:  Click on the Hamburger Menu. Click on the icon Settings The UTMStac...

Installing SSL Certificate on UTMStack Master

[Start here] Installation Guide

Before starting, please make sure you have downloaded your certificate files. After downloading ...

UTMStack Configuration Video

UTMStack Configuration

UTMStack Installation Video

[Start here] Installation Guide

How to create a visualizations?

Dashboard builder

UTMStack partially implements the Elastic Stack architecture, using Elasticsearch as a data engin...

Log Explorer

Log Explorer

Click on the Log Explorer module and select the option Log Explorer. UTMStack displays the LOG...

Alert Management

Threat management

Click on the Threat Management module and select the option Alerts.  You will see the full MAN...

Correlation Rules

Correlation rules

Fields Reference name This is the name that we will use for the alerts of the current rule. se...

Incident Response

Incident Response

Click on the Incidents module and select the option Incident Response.   1. UTMStack displays ...


Vulnerability Management (Vulnerability...

By clicking on the Vulnerabilities Module, you can create a New Scan, visualize an Overview, and ...

Windows Agent

[Start here] Installation Guide

Installing Windows Agent Check pre-installation requirements. Compatible with Windows Ser...

UTMStack Installer

[Start here] Installation Guide

Operating System This installation guide provides instructions to perform the UTMStack installat...

Linux Agent

[Start here] Installation Guide

Installing Linux Agent The Linux agent captures system and application logs and sends them to ...