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Activity Tracker

AD Auditor

Activity tracker allows you to track the activities of any user. When you mark any user for track...

Line, Area LineBar, Bar, and Bar Horizontal charts

Dashboard builder

Line, Area LineBar, Bar, and Bar Horizontal charts allow you to plot your data on the X/Y axis. ...

Region Map

Dashboard builder

A Region Map displays the aggregation metrics values by IP addresses by specifying the aggregatio...


Dashboard builder

A metric visualization displays a single number for each aggregation you select: Metric Aggregat...


Dashboard builder

A gauge visualization displays in which predefined range falls your metric. Metric Aggregations:...


Dashboard builder

A goal visualization displays how your metric progresses toward a fixed goal. Metric Aggregation...


Dashboard builder

The List visualization shows a list with the data that you select in the Field. You can create a ...


Dashboard builder

The Table visualization displays aggregated data according to the metric. Metric Aggregations: ...

Tag Cloud Chart

Dashboard builder

A tag cloud visualization is a visual representation of text data that allows you to visualize fr...

Pie charts

Dashboard builder

The slice size of a pie chart is determined by the metrics aggregation. The following aggregation...

AD Audit

AD Auditor

This section is where you can access the entire active directory. You can expand the directory tr...

New dashboard

Dashboard builder

When you first log in to the UTMVault, go to the Dashboard tab to display the option: New dashboa...

Correlation features and Use Cases

Use Cases and Capabilities

Generic Signature-based and Rule-Based Analysis Automated log analysis and management accelerate...

Log filters

UTMStack Configuration

Log filters allow for parsing and mutating log data. UTMStack uses logstash and the Grok filter p...

Syslog Integrations

UTMStack Configuration

Deprecation note: this configuration is only requered for UTMStack versions previous to 8.x as th...

Linux Agent

[Start here] Installation Guide

UTMStackLinuxAgent Command line installation Download the latest installer from https://github...

MacOS Agent

[Start here] Installation Guide

UTMStack MacOS Agent Command line installation [Recommended] Download the latest installer fro...

Windows agent

[Start here] Installation Guide

Pre-installation requirements Compatible with Windows Server version 2012 R2 or higher. The W...

Overview Dashboard

AD Auditor

The AD Audit is the tool that keeps track of the user activity in the active directory forest. Th...

Heat Map

Dashboard builder

A heat map allows graphing the individual values contained in a matrix through colors. The metric...