Windows agent

Pre-installation requirements

  • Compatible with Windows Server version 2012 R2 or higher.
  • The Windows agent for correct operation must have Powershell version 5 or higher installed.
  • In the case of Active Directory servers, TCP / UDP ports 389, TCP 636, TCP 3268, and TCP 3269 must be accessible from the probe. A service account must also be created with permissions to read the Active Directory data.
  • Download the agent from

Graphic Installation

  • Run windows-agent-[version].exe and follow the installation wizard.
  • Access the configuration panel through a browser, using the desktop shortcut or accessing
  • Configure the IP of the probe to which the agent will connect in the "Settings" tab.

Installation and configuration in unattended mode

  • You can install the UTMStack agent in unattended mode from the command line:

windows-agent-[version].exe /verysilent /supressmsgboxes /host=IP_ADDRESS

Replace "IP_ADDRESS" with the address of the probe host to which the agent should send collected data.