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AD Auditor

AD Auditor

The UTMSTack AD Auditor is divided into three sections: Overview, AD auditor, and Activity Tracke...


Vulnerability management Scan results

3.7 Schedules. Select a previously configured schedule from the tabular list. The following deta...

New dashboard

Dashboard builder Create a new dashboard

When you first log in to the UTMVault, go to the Dashboard tab to display the option: New dashboa...


Log Explorer Reporting

UTMStack generates user-customized reports: Select SAVE   to save a query with a name and an o...


Log Explorer Filtering

UTMStack uses several filtering criteria to get information about specific events or alarms. The...


Log Explorer Search

Enter a query in the search box. A query extracts a report over a defined time frame. At the top ...

Logs summary

Log Explorer Logs Summary

Go to the Log explorer tab and click to display a drop-down list. Select the first option: Log ex...


Vulnerability management Scan results

3.9 Credentials. Credentials for local security checks are required to allow NVTs to log into ta...

Port List

Vulnerability management Scan results

3.8 Ports list. Managing Port Lists. All existing port lists can be displayed by clicking on the...

Scan results

Vulnerability management Scan results

Scan results. In this section, you can configure and manage the scans. Clicking on scan res...


AD Auditor Overview

Overview This page displays a graphical organization's Active Directory view divided into five t...


Vulnerability management Overview

Go to the Vulnerabilities tab, and click to display a drop-down list with three options: New s...

New scan

Vulnerability management New scan

Go to Vulnerabilties>New scan. Create a new task and then execute the scan. You can configure...


Visualization Builder Visualization builder

1. Go to Visualization displays a table view with a list of visualizations. You can sort them by ...


Compliance management Dashboards

Dashboards A dashboard is a type of graphical user interface that provides at-a-glance views of ...

Compliance management

Compliance management Compliance management

Compliance management This view displays a column with different regulatory standards (you can a...

New compliance report

Compliance management New compliance report

If our predefined reports do not suit your needs, you can either modify an existing report or gen...

Activity tracker

AD Auditor Activity Tracker

The tracking functions allow monitoring the activity of specific objects, creating exhaustive rep...

AD auditor

AD Auditor AD Auditor

This section displays the Active directory structure. It includes a search bar to find an objec...

Correlation features and Use Cases

Correlation Engine Use Cases and Capabi...

Generic Signature-based and Rule-Based Analysis Automated log analysis and management accelerate...