Go to the Vulnerabilities tab, and click to display a drop-down list with three options:

  1. New scan
  2. Overview
  3. Scan results


Click on Overview to display the ASSET VULNERABILITY DASHBOARD:

The dashboard is made up of 3 rows of visualizations:

The first row displays:

  • A pie chart with the Hosts affected by vulnerability level: high, log, low, and medium. Mouse over the slides to see the percentage of total numbers.
  • A line chart showing the Host changes over time. You can apply a custom range of time dragging a sliderhost-affected.png

Click on any pie slide to display an Asset Discovery dashboard providing exhaustive info: name, hostname and IP, host OS, severity, system, and discovery. You can filter by time.

2.2 The second row displays:

  • A pie chart representing the Operating Systems by Severity Class: High, Medium, Log, or Low.
  • A bar graph showing the Top 20 Most vulnerable hosts. You can see the IP address and the severity level.


Click on any bar to display the Asset Discovery dashboard described above.

2.3 The severity levels


Findings of the severity levels High and Medium are most important and should be addressed with priority. Before addressing medium level findings, high-level findings should be addressed.

Findings of the severity levels Low and Log are mostly interesting for detail understanding. These findings are filtered out by default but can hold very interesting information.

2.4 The third row is a map displaying the Host topology. The map visualizes IP addresses that belong to network hosts. The different colors represent different severity levels. Mouse over the map to see the hostname, OS, IP address, and the severity.


Click on any host to see more detailed info:


You can save a report to a PDF document and filter by time.


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